What to Do after a Quality Problem with a Chinese Factory?

Let’s say you found a quality problem before shipment. The goods are still in the factory. You paid a 30% deposit and you have pre-sold a part of the order to important customers. This scenario plays out every day in China. And it is much better than discovering a problem after delivery (in which case there is pretty much no solution). Many importers have the wrong reaction and count on their supplier to get their act together. It works with a well-organized manufacturer or trading company if all parties see their interest in making the customer happy. Unfortunately, this is a rare occurence in China.

Another situation is, you make constant trip to the factory for inspection, or station your staff at the factory. Both ways, you spend lots of money just to monitor the goods in good order, before shipment. This is a nightmare face by many buyers with supply chain in China.

Trusome Connection

At Trusome, we are a team of passionate workforce just to handle your supply chain problems. Our team consists of local chinese with strong communication skills. We provide systematic inspection procedure derive from our clients, and our expertise in the industries. Our professional services include, ad hoc or term quality control inspection.

Trusome.com is an international company, specialize in product branding/packaging, corporate gifts, product sourcing & supply chain management  services. Our team is base in Singapore and Shenzhen, China.

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